Food and 4th Fun

Rainfall reports really varied across the board yesterday, from 1.04″ in Marblehead to just 0.03″ recorded at Boston Logan!  Honestly, that report from BOS boggles my mind a little, because in the North End I’d say it was closer to 0.50″ of rainfall with the quick downpour that moved through.  Regardless, we really could use any rain we can get… as we are already in a drought, and there’s more dry weather ahead.

The great news for today’s forecast is that the humidity will be lower.  Woot, woot!!  That means, ladies, that you can PUT DOWN THAT CAN OF HAIRSPRAY!  Or – just let the hair fly, as the “Frizz Factor” is on the lower end today… Well, lower than yesterday at least.  We’re in for sunshine on this Thursday, temps warming into the mid to upper 80’s, a great beach day in store if you can swing it!  Cape Cod and the islands will top out in the mid 70s today, but still very comfortable.  Maybe you’ve noticed a trend with me, that most things I do revolve around food.  I mean, my namesake is one of the best cheeses out there (Brie, just spelled a little differently).  I really think that food tastes better when eaten outside, which is why I put together the “Foodie Forecast.”  Today is the perfect day to dine “al fresco.”  

The humidity starts to creep back up again for Friday, and another front will make it’s way through the area bringing showers and thunderstorms.  The exact timing of these storms is still a little hazy, but I’m thinking late evening (after 8pm) and into the overnight hours.  Much like yesterday, the rainfall amounts will vary but there could be some spots that get some quick downpours.  Maybe this isn’t the best news for a Friday evening, but we really do need the rain… whatever we can get… and to sweeten the deal, that’s all the rain in the forecast for the next several days!  So, no more showers on the holiday weekend forecast.  Temps will warm as we get closer to the 4th of July, and some spots will flirt with 90° both Monday and Tuesday.  Sounds like the perfect Independence Day forecast to me!  ***Sidenote:  My two favorite holidays are the 4th of July and Thanksgiving… can you guess why?  FOOD.  Now I have to plan what I’m going to “Bri-B-Que.” *At my last station I did the forecast while I grilled 4th of July goodies.  That’s when we coined the term “Bri-B-Que.”  It was a good day.