Gearing Up for Turkey-Day

Holy wind, Batman!  Today was a whipping, wild, windy day!  I felt it too.  In fact, this is a picture of me trying to walk into work:

(obviously it’s not really me, but I’m sure I need to be clear about the fact that I’m just trying to be funny).  The peak gust report with this round of inclement weather was in Fall River, up to 54mph.  Several tree branches and limbs were taken down across the Bay State – and if you were out and about, you may have found it difficult to walk a straight line!  Even though the showers moved out early, the wind continued to pester us through the day – ushering back in the COLD air.

Check out our highs from today… which happened around “brunch time” for most:

Ever since the clouds cleared around mid-day (cold front clearing the coast), we’ve seen our temps fall.  Currently, most spots are in the mid to upper 30s – heading for the mid to upper 20s by early tomorrow morning.

Monday is cold again and blustery too, with highs only in the upper 30s to around 40.  Keep in mind that the breeze (W 8-18mph, Gusts to 35mph) will add an extra chill.  We’re dry and mostly sunny through Monday and Tuesday… but we’re also in for a temperature roller coaster (see 7Day Forecast above).  You’ll note that Tuesday’s highs will be in the mid to upper 50s again – and anytime you have temps going up and down like a wave like the are to start this week, you can likely expect that “winds of change” will accompany that temp roller coaster.  So, windy again Monday, breezy Tuesday and Wednesday – with lighter wind (finally!) for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Wednesday will also likely feature some showers with the passage of a cold front.  The timing looks to be early in the day, morning to lunchtime – and the air looks mild enough (around 50) to keep these showers as RAIN rather than flakes.  However, this timeline bears watching:  There could be a coastal low passing offshore around the same time as the front moves through, and this could enhance the rain over SE Mass.  We’ll keep you posted with any updates.

For Thanksgiving, we’re talking “cold turkey,” with highs only in the upper 30s to near 40.  However, with partly cloudy skies and lighter winds – it shouldn’t be all that bad – especially if you plan on staying inside, cozy and warm, and filled to the brim with food, gratitude and love.  :c)  Safe travels to you if the holiday takes you over the river and through the woods!  – Breezy