Going Going Gone!

Yet another warm day this fall across southern New England. Check out the afternoon high temps:

Even a hint of humidity. We’ve had a slew of warm weather this fall and the jet stream is the culprit (I’m just the messenger, remember?). This is what the jet stream has been doing for the past several weeks:

Welp….that’s all about to change. The band of clouds & showers that we dealt with late this afternoon & early this evening are tied to a cold front that is sending the showers themselves, warmth & humidity bye bye bye.

That front will be gone tomorrow and so will the 60 degree weather. Temps tomorrow morning won’t be teeth chattering—low 40s–but by afternoon, very little recovery is expected and that will keep temps in the upper 40s throughout the afternoon. A cool election day but no weather issues–vote! We have yet another cold front in the forecast and that one has more teeth—thanks to the jet stream–that cold front will deliver some early season cold by late week. Here is what that jet stream will look like by Friday-Saturday..

Oh snap! Here is what that jet stream will do to the temps……our normal high temp for this time of year is 55 but for at least the next 7 days, no above normal temps and…some wicked cold for both Friday and Saturday.

Still no snowflakes but it’s getting to be that time of year again. You’ve been warned.