It’s Been A While…

Hello there! I haven’t been blogging all that much this summer…sorry, wicked bad case of writers block. Anywho…..Meteorological Summer comes to a close and we turn the page to September as well as Meteorological Fall. Summer was not nearly as hot as last year and not nearly as dry. That left some of you feeling slighted but in reality it was a summer fairly close to normal in terms of temperature and precipitation.

September will begin cool as High Pressure settles into Canada. This means Friday is loaded with sunshine but that sun won’t be able to move those temps out of the 60s by afternoon…nearly 10 degrees below average. A persistent breeze helps to maintain that fall feel. The Holiday Weekend also starts cool–in fact, Saturday morning, our temps will start near 40 (upper 40s Boston)!! By afternoon, those numbers finish near 70.  As of now, only Sunday appears messy with clouds & showers. Another cool day with highs in the 60s. Labor Day will finish strong with sunshine & temps in the low 80s (even some humidity)..

Not too bad–bit cool for the beaches & pools tho. Meanwhile , the tropics remain hot. We have another hurrcicane tonight—Irma–in the far eastern Atlantic with winds around 115mph…that’s a Category 3 storm:

Irma stays out over the open ocean the next five days but she is likely to intensify into a category 4 storm by early next week. This map shows where she is likely to be next Tuesday:

Approaching the Lesser Antilles. From there, it is simply to early (and too irresponsible) to say where she will go with any precision but with that position, The United States will have to watch with great interest where she goes. More on that next week. Have a great Holiday Weekend!