I wasn’t outside for very long today–mostly before noon–and I could tell it was going to be a hot day….even at 10am, you could Feel The Heat (Robert Palmer) and sure enough, temps soared into the 90s with Stoneham reaching 96…..Boston 94….Shirley 93 and both Millis & Hopkinton hitting 92. Yowza, our hottest day of the summer (year too). What I didn’t feel was the humidity and the dewpoints backed that up–with many cities & towns reporting dewpoints near 60….fairly low! This lack of humidity prevented thunderstorms from showing up despite the 90 degree heat.

Tomorrow is another hot day and while it won’t be quite as hot (80-90), there will be more humidity likely making it feel more uncomfortable for outdoor activities. Adding to the fun will be a cool front that will crawl into southern New England (from northern New England) and this front will crash into our heat/humidity party and likely spark some thunderstorms. These storms will be scattered in nature and be get feisty for a short time with some brief heavy rain but nothing that has me screaming wolf. the storms likely avoid the beaches so another day at the beach on tap (few more clouds tho).

By Friday and into the weekend, this front will get stuck & lay down roots in New England….not exactly what you want to hear but we are in a drought and we do need the rain. Friday offers a lot of clouds but I think only western New England sees some scattered storms while closer to the coast, cool temps & cloudy conditions keep us storm-free. Saturday looks like our best shot of showers & storms for much of the region as the front will begin moving back into eastern New England. These showers are likely with us–off & on– for much of the day. Sunday is better but still the risk of a few isolated showers.


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