Meteorological Brouhaha

I have a fair amount of Beastie Boys on my running playlist and this one in particular fits the weather theme the next few days….The Brouhaha. Spring has sprung in other parts of the country–temps will surge into the 60s for much of Ohio as well as parts of western New York and Pennsylvania on Friday. Meanwhile, here in New England, arctic air will slowly depart resulting in afternoon temps in the upper 30s tomorrow. The warm air wants to make in-roads into New England but the leftover arctic cold won’t budge.  The result?….a meteorological brouhaha:

Sounds fun. In terms of sensible weather, plan on a rather cloudy stretch beginning tomorrow and lasting into the middle of next week (perhaps Wednesday). We’ll also have to contend with off & on showers each day. Tomorrow’s showers will be confined to a 2-3 hour window from about 12-3pm and even a few snow flakes/sleet pellets mixing in at times—roads stay wet (perhaps a light coating in the highest of elevations across western/central MA).

The weekend offers a few showers each afternoon–nothing heavy or widespread but not great for outdoor plans( rain gear for the Revs game Saturday afternoon). Temps both weekend days are stuck in the low to mid 40s. There could be a burst of steadier rain Monday into Tuesday but it does appear we will come out of the doldrums by Wednesday of next week.

In any event, we continue to pick up all sorts of daylight–today marks our first 7pm sunset of the year and we’ll have these until September 12th!: