Meteorological Kobayashi Maru

It’s Monday but it’s the week leading up to the biggest summer holiday of the year. We’re in a drought and desperately need rain but it’s the week leading up to the biggest summer holiday of the year. As the messenger, it is my Kobiyashi Maru….I can’t win. I realize peeps need sunshine for their hard-earned vacation time but also know we need beneficial rains–the kind that washout a day or two at the beaches.

Luckily, for those of you on vacation the next week or so, we don’t have any washout days but there is the chance of a few isolated showers tomorrow & again on Wednesday. It will be from a cool front, rather than a storm system so that right there means the shower/storm threat is scattered in nature versus widespread. For tomorrow, it looks like very early in the day (before 9am) there will be a few random showers dancing around the region and a renewed chance tomorrow evening & overnight. In between the two chances of rain is a lot of clouds & a lot of humidity with temps near 80.

That cool front crawls out of New York State tomorrow evening and into New England Wednesday. This front will continue the risk of a few isolated showers on Wednesday–with the highest risk before 2pm. The amount of rain from this weather system is paltry for most, less than .20″ with just a few downpours capable of producing upwards of an inch of rain. Our rainfall deficit for just the past two months is close to 5″ of rain…..certainly nothing to knock that deficit down.

In any event, dry weather returns for late week and likely the Holiday weekend as well.

Live long & prosper.