More Moon?

Through the last few days, we’ve probably told you everything you ever wanted to know about the supermoon… and then some.  I will say (again) that the best viewing of the supermoon, or full “Beaver” moon, will be tonight – with nary a clouds in the sky.  The moon isn’t “full” until tomorrow morning, so we’ll get another shot at viewing tomorrow night – but there will likely be more clouds around.  If you want to know more about the how, why, what’s it, huh? check out my blog from last night – or better yet, Rob Eicher’s blog from this morning (it’ll blow your mind)!

Here’s my favorite photo submission from tonight:  (Thanks again, Mike!)

So enough about the supermoon, for now, until next month (Dec. 13) – Now on to the forecast!  Tomorrow really is my “pick day” of the week.  I know there are a lot of you out there wishing for snow already, asking when the first real flakes will fly (a trace of snow went down in the record books last Sunday, btw).  I really do love snow – and the cold, but personally I’m not ready to be done with comfortable “fall” days just yet.  Tomorrow could even be considered a “warm” fall day, with highs in the low to mid 60s.  Did you like today?  GREAT!  You’ll love tomorrow.  Mostly sunny skies, and a light breeze out of the southwest… It may be Monday, but this will be a good one, weather-wise.

We change things up on Tuesday when a system moves up along the East Coast.  This is our one unsettled day of the work week – nothing too crazy, all things considered.  Plus, being in a drought we’ll take all the rain we can get.  We have a shot at around 0.50″ of rain on Tuesday, generally speaking.  Wind won’t really be a big issue with this system, HOWEVER it will add to concern along the coastline for some beach erosion and minor coastal flooding.  We’ve already talked way too much about the full moon – but as you’re probably aware, that means tides are astronomically high in this time period.  When you couple already HIGH high tides with an onshore wind, it makes for coastal flooding concerns.  The tide that is most concerning will be Tuesday at 11:07am (for Boston), expected to be at 12.5′.  Best case scenario is an extra 0.5″ of surge – worst case scenario would be 1.0′ of extra surge.  The midday high tide on Wednesday will still be monitored, but looks like less of a threat as the onshore winds have diminished.

The rest of the week is fancy.  Highs will be just above average, running in the mid to upper 50s into the weekend.  Mostly sunny skies for both Thursday and Friday.  Have a great week!  – Breezy