Not Too Shabby

Even within an unsettled pattern, one can find a few rays of sunshine and if you were along the coast this afternoon, it was quite a few rays of sunshine. All in all, not too bad of a day…perhaps a bit on the cloudy side for some and certainly cooler than where we should be (temps In the 50s, we should be in the 60s.)

To really break this pattern, what we’ll need is another storm to kick this current storm out of here and we have one on the way. #SorryMom. The next two days are much like the rest of this week….some sun, a lot of clouds, maybe a few sprinkles or brief/light shower and temps in the 50s (low 50s coast/upper 50s inland). Decent couple of days for outdoor activities, albeit a little bit cool.

Onto the Holiday Weekend. A storm will head this way Saturday afternoon and hit us hard for a few hours Saturday Night-early Sunday Morning with rain and some coastal wind. Saturday should stay dry up until 3-4pm then plan for a few showers with heavy rain arriving after 8pm Saturday. The storm will be moving along at a good clip so while it will be raining heavily early Sunday Morning it should taper off by midday and a few peeks of sun are possible (especially south of the MA Pike).

In terms of rain & wind, it looks like another widespread soaking rain, 1-2″ likely by midday Sunday and wind gusts between 30-40 mph are likely along the coast for about 5-6 hours overnight Saturday into early Sunday morning.

As noted earlier, this storm will rearrange the meteorological furniture in the living room next week allowing spring to resume–especially from Tuesday onward…sunny skies & temps heading for the 60s & 70s!