Playing The Fade

With such a mild stretch the last couple of weeks, we’ve been on easy street when it comes to winter weather. While a couple of storms have delivered some snow and ice across the interior, even there, the snow totals have been less than impressive. Much of eastern Mass features a bare ground with just a couple inches of snow and sleet across the interior. What has gone up (temps), will come down over the next few days as we fade back to more seasonable weather throughout the next 10 days.

With the cold air comes the chance for a few snow flakes too. Nothing major the next 7 days, but a close shave with a wave of low pressure may dust the Cape and Islands tomorrow afternoon.

A better chance for some snow for all of us comes Tuesday afternoon, into Wednesday as a quick moving system Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday evening drops patches of steady light snow. With a charge of energy still to swing through Wednesday, scattered showers showers and squalls are possible then.  In total, a coating to a couple inches fall across the area, giving us a taste of winter without the onslaught of a major storm.

Seasonably cold air holds on into next weekend with temps running near or even several degrees below the averages. That means for you folks that spent all that time framing up, making a nice backyard skating rink for your kids (and maybe you?), that framed up puddle will actually have a chance to freeze. For the open waters on the ponds… it’s going to take more prolonged cold to get the ice to a safe thickness there.

While the next 7 days in sans a big storm, the pattern at least presents the chance for a bigger storm just after Superbowl Sunday. We’ll see how it shakes out, not a lock at this point, but at least there’s a chance. Hey, you need the cold to get the snow, at least we’ll have that.