Quiet But Cold

Spring is just a week away and you can totally feel it, right?! Not so much as we still are under the influence of the blizzard–granted a much weaker state today but in that location:

We are being gifted with fresh air from Canada–invigorating! That storm will spin itself out of existence the next few days but the process will keep a flow of cold air into New England for several days. That cold air will be delivered on gusty winds for the next few days but at least the cold air is dry…..meaning sunshine. At first, mixed with clouds but by Sunday and Monday abundant! While the temps will be colder than normal (46), at least we’ll have dry weather for the upcoming Holiday Weekend:

Layer up while doing your Irish Jig this weekend. Even tho the weather is quiet into early next week, the pattern is one where big east coast storms can form:

and the next potential storm is slated for Tuesday-Wednesday. It’s still waaayyyy early for deets but confidence that a storm will form down by Virginia early next week but its path from there is not known just yet:

At this point I would plan for some sort of disruptive weather in the Tuesday-Wednesday time-frame (perhaps late Tuesday into Wednesday). I do think with lingering cold air, that a plowable snow appears likely for some locations in southern New England, unless the storm track is so far south we see nothing at all from this storm (still a possibility).



PS….Regardless of our temps, we pick up 80 minutes of daylight the next four weeks!