Quieter Week Ahead

Busy Day Busy People. The Holidays can be loaded with stress so the last thing we need leading up to this weekend is more bitter cold and messy storms. Thankfully, old man winter looks to take his foot off the peddle for a bit (few weeks perhaps) so no issues with Holiday Travel this week or simply traveling to the mall for some last minute shopping.

Granted, (Baby) it IS cold outside as the arctic air has made a comeback today but it’s just a one day cameo. We track a warm front, set to arrive on Wednesday and that front will shove the arctic air out of here and allow seasonable temps (near 40) to return. The other thing about this front is how quiet it will be. Sometimes, these fronts come through here with a lot of noise–like the warm front on Saturday, laying down 3-6″ of snow–but this front only drags a few clouds across southern New England. Thursday sees a slight uptick in temps with most towns reaching the mid 40s and that holds for a few days, lasting through the upcoming Holiday Weekend. In fact, Christmas Day looks like it is mild once again this year, with afternoon temps up around 50! Not exactly ideal if you are a snowman but pleasant for the rest of us.

Happy Shopping!