Record Cold Ahead

Whoa, what a change! Temps hit 75 last Friday and now this Friday, we’re talking about wind chills barely above 0 tonight. Our lingering summer certainly dropped off into winter fast, and as cold air pours into New England, the bitter blast will challenge records. The record to beat today in Boston is 25 and tomorrow, it’s 24. We may near that 25 before midnight tonight in Boston and likely drop to 21 or 22 by daybreak tomorrow.

While the bitter blast headlines the forecast, it’s not too cold of a start to the day as relatively milder air hangs on til sunrise. Many towns start this morning in the 40s, only to see a dramatic drop off mid to late morning with temps fading back into the upper 20s to mid 30s. Add in a wind gusting 35-45mph, and wind chills are driven down into the teens. The evening commute will be a cold one for sure! With the wind that strong, a wind advisory is in place until 6:00PM.

The recovery on Saturday is decent with a ton of sun and a diminishing breeze by the afternoon. It’ll still be cold for the time of year, mid to upper 30s, but with the sun, will be a manageable cold for Veterans Day Parades.  Sunday features highs back into the mid to upper 40s with some more clouds in the afternoon.

Winds turn onshore Monday and Tuesday as a developing area of low pressure to our east gets going. Although, it’ll likely stay far enough away to avoid heavy precipitation, but may be close enough for a shower or two to be thrown back into New England. Especially over Southeast Mass. Highs Monday and Tuesday run in the 40s to near 50.

Stay warm and have a great day!

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