Repeat Again

Yesterday my blog was titled, “Rinse and Repeat” and tonight it’s “Repeat Again.”  We were tracking some isolated downpours and a couple of rumbles of thunder in N Massachusetts tonight, and we’ll track showers and storms once again tomorrow.  The only difference is, tomorrow’s showers and storms look more likely and more widespread than today’s.  So what’s the good news?  Well, the humidity is in check – and it stays that way through mid-week.

Sleep with the windows open last night?  Refreshing, right?  We’ll have another night like that tonight, after the last of the showers fade away close to midnight.  Temps will fall into the mid to upper 50s out of MetroWest, and for Boston in the low 60s.  Sleep well, my friends.

Tomorrow we start with mostly clear to partly cloudy skies – and it will once again feel like another “top-10” summer day with the low humidity.  However, we’ll need to be “weather aware” with any outdoor plans for tomorrow afternoon and evening.  Showers and storms could start to pop up as early as lunchtime – 1pm.  While I do not anticipate any widespread severe weather, I can’t fully rule out one or two of these storms to become strong to perhaps severe.  The main threats would be gusty/damaging straight-line wind and possibly some hail (since it is so cold upstairs in the atmosphere).  Just FYI, severe criteria for a thunderstorm would be winds in excess of 58mph and hail at least 1″ in diameter.  Again – not everyone sees these showers and storm, and not every storm becomes strong or severe… but I just want to give you a heads up.  The summer mantra is “When thunder roars, go indoors!”

Here’s the chance for showers/storms through the next few days:

The humidity and heat surge back in on Friday – and there’s no escaping it through the weekend.  In fact, Friday and Saturday we could have some locations that top out at 90°!  We’ll also be tracking more scattered/widespread showers and storms into the weekend.  While it doesn’t look like a complete washout any of the days, it does look like an unsettled weekend with the potential for some of the storms to get quite nasty.  We’ll keep you posted as we move through the week.  Have a great night!  – Breezy