Round One Almost Done

A bit unusual to have a rainstorm splintered into two distinct parts with a lengthy break in-between but that’s what has unfolded across the nation. This map shows the center of the storm way out in the Dakotas this evening with round one of rain on us (no duh dude)..
If you focus your eyes to the Louisiana-Mississippi region you can see another cluster of showers & storms (some of the t-storms are tornadic this evening in Mississippi). The tornadic thunderstorms are not heading this way but in time a batch of rain will evolve from those storms and it is that batch of rain that becomes round #2 for us. We’ll have a break from the rain late tonight through tomorrow morning but like today, rain arrives midday tomorrow and is with us for much of the afternoon & evening. chance of rain is minimal early on then ramps up by afternoon..
Had I continued the timeline, the green bars would be elevated well into tomorrow evening. The gist of this is to grab the rain gear once again tomorrow (even tho you may see a few peaks of sun between 7-9am). The amount of rain on the way is similar to today’s rain… around an inch. Very beneficial I might add..#Drought

Sunshine returns Thursday and behind this storm is a little packet of mild air which will allow temps to reach the mid 50s. Not too shabby for the first day of Meteorological Winter! Speaking of…this does not mean the start of another mild winter (like last year). Check out this map…
See all those warm colors at the top of the map? It’s a sign of High Latitude blocking (something that will occur with regularity this winter). The blocking up around the Arctic Circle makes it easy for cold air to find its way into the United States. It’s a slow process at the start of winter but becomes easier farther down the road. Eventually, these rainstorms of ours will start ramming into some cold air…when that happens…get your shovels ready.