Slaying The Drought

Whew—-was beginning to think it wouldn’t rain again around these parts. Glancing over rainfall totals, a number of you did well. Very well:
* Pelham NH  1.7″
* Beverly         1.7″
* Woburn       1.3″
* Chelmsford 1.2″
* Andover       1.1″

As for the rest of us, ehh…..gotta start somewhere and if we are to slay this drought, this type of rain is good. Not too much in too little time so while there were some puddles, no reports of flooding. It would be nice to get this type of rain every 5 days for about a month but I doubt that happens.

For the next 3 days the heat & humidity will take center stage across southern New England. We’ve had some heat already this summer but this newest batch will come with opprerssive humidity which raises the stakes of serious heat. Hazy sunshine is with us tomorrow and that will send temps into the 90s..this combined with tropical humidity will make it feel like it’s near 100 by afternoon. That’s serious heat, so heat advisories will be in effect from midday through early evening. Be sure to hydrate and limit midday exposure to that strong August sunshine. Great day for the beaches, pools & lakes tho. Much the same for Friday, hazy sunshine with temps in the low to mid 90s with heat indices in the upper 90s. As for showers & storms, despite all that heat & humidity the atmosphere won’t be able to take advantage of it so other than a random shower or downpour, it’s mainly rain-free.

As for the weekend, we continue with the hot & humid weather on Saturday with temps once again, up into the 90s (heat wave!) but we’ll also track a front dropping slowly out of Canada. This front will ram into the heat/humidity combo and spark showers & thunderstorms by late day. Most of Saturday should be good for the beaches, lakes & pools but as the day gets older, the risk of rain does go up. Sunday is tricky as that front hasn’t decided exactly where in New England it wants to hang….this indecision will mean a difference in temps by about 20 degrees—either low 90s or low 70s.  At this point, I’d plan on a lot of clouds with afternoon showers & storms, sending temps from 90 into the 70s by afternoon (front moving from north to south during the day).

The good news is that rainfall potential over the next 5-7 days is between 1-2″ of rain. Perfect for our drought!