Snow to Sun

We’re not done with this storm just yet, but I want to get a start on tonight’s weather blog.  First off, thank you to everyone who sent in pics and reports today.  It’s been one heck of a snowstorm, and we can officially call it something like “March Blizzard 2018” because several locations did verify blizzard conditions (falling/blowing snow, sustained winds of 35mph+, reduced visibility of 1/4 mile or less for at least 3 consecutive hours).  Those locations were:






Martha’s Vineyard

The last time Boston met blizzard criteria was February 9th last winter.  Before that, it was January 27th, 2015 (and also the start of our “snow blitz” – “record breaking snowfall” – “way too epic even for New England” – winter).  But it’s worth noting that those blizzards happened in FEBRUARY… and JANUARY… and now MARCH.  This IS March, right??

We are exactly a week away from the official start of spring, and it feels like winter grabbed hold two weeks ago with our first nor’easter and now won’t let go.  Most of us picked up at least a foot of snow today – (Milford with a report of 20″).  Curious where your town ended up?  Use this link, and be sure to click on “current version” to see the latest reports.

We have a decent band that’s going to work through for the next couple of hours – and could still bring an additional 1-4″ to spots before about 8pm.  Then we’re left with some lingering/lighter snow showers… some of which will still pester some of us tomorrow – and that could amount to another 1-2″.  So yes again, we’re not done yet.

Winds today were impressive too, with an 81mph gust recorded in East Falmouth; 79mph gust recorded in Hyannis; 76mph gust in Barnstable… reaching that “hurricane-force gust” status once again with this third nor’easter.  Those beastly winds will subside this evening, but we’re still left with blustery/windy conditions tonight and tomorrow.

So, let’s look ahead a bit, shall we?  You can see the 7on7 Forecast at the top of this post.  Tomorrow still may feature a few snow showers/squalls – and blustery conditions.  That chilly breeze is persistent through the end of the week, but at least the sunshine comes back out.  Yes – I’ll be honest, I’m being a bit optimistic with some of those numbers… and I’m doing a bit of “wishcasting.”  The cold wants to hold – keeping temps below average for the next several days.  But at least we can focus on a longer stretch of quiet weather – stretching across this 7-day forecast.  I’m sure you’ve already heard the rumblings that there could be another storm on the way for the middle of next week.  Yes, we see the potential and as always, we’ll be watching it closely and keeping you posted.  But for tonight – I choose to just look at those next 7-days… we’ll cross that “potential #4” bridge when we get to it.  Stay warm and safe.  – Breezy