Springing Back

The high for Boston today was 64°, but before you tell me “NO IT WASN’T, BRI!” let me clarify that most of our high temps were recorded just after midnight last night.  After making it into the 80s for the 4th time in April yesterday, we fell back into spring today.  Temps were some 25-35, even close to 40° cooler than yesterday!  That was thanks to a cooler air-mass that moved in, and also thanks to the persistent breeze out of the NE, coming in off of cool ocean water.  We even picked up 0.01″ of rain in Boston to wrap up this soggy month of April, bringing us to a whopping 1.99″ above average precip for the month.  What is it they say about April showers again??  :c)

It appears that the warm, summer-like weather is gone for a while, as we settle back into spring.  I’d like to call tomorrow a “choose your own adventure” day, because we will have a LARGE range in temps during the afternoon!  A warm front will get hung up almost dissecting the Bay State from the NW to the SE.  For those on the cool side, temps will top out in the 50s.  For those farther to the SW, you may make a good run at 70°.  That’s spring in New England for you!  Always keeps us guessing.  My challenge today was finding a good “mid-point” to put on the 7-day forecast!  Here’s a look at where I think highs will be tomorrow:

More spring showers will bring us into the beginning of May.  There’s a chance for showers almost every day this week, but I really think the real all-day-soaker won’t arrive until late Thursday into Friday.  We’ll start Monday morning with some low clouds, fog and drizzle.  It will be mostly cloudy through the day tomorrow, and after the warm front finally pushes through, the cold front is quick to follow with showers and thunderstorms.  This won’t happen until late tomorrow night into the overnight/early Tuesday morning.  It looks like any stronger or severe storms will stay to our west, but we can’t rule out some rumbles of thunder.  I’ll be here tracking it for you.

Tuesday is the mildest day of next week, with highs into the 70s.  However, it will also be a windy day.  As I mentioned before, we’ll hold off on any real “washout” days until the end of the week.  More on that in another blog.  – Breezy

Oh, by the way… In just a few hours: