Summer Attempts A Comeback

It is true I said last night in my blog that reaching 80 degrees after October 19th is slim at best (recap…it’s only happened 4 times for Boston since 1872) but that doesn’t mean you can’t eek out a warm/humid day after the 19th……tomorrow is one of those days. While we won’t come anywhere near 80, I do think we’ll see our temps up near 70 for the afternoon AND it will be quite muggy–summertime humidity with dewpoint temps in the mid 60s.

Of course, this time of year to achieve summer like warmth & humidity usually means a storm…no different this go-around. A storm will work its way up into New England from Pennsylvania during the day so plan on mainly cloudy skies with showers increasingly likely during the day …isolated for morning commute–hit-n-miss lunch hour…and widespread for evening commute and evening in general. Rain gear a good idea for tomorrow but warm weather rain gear. The storm wallops us with rain tomorrow evening but should be gone by sunrise Saturday. Most of us pick up .50″ of rain but a few spots of an 1″ plus likely.

The weekend sees the storm move up into northern New England taking the rain with it but wind takes the place of rain and by Saturday afternoon wind will gust over 30 mph. This wind stays with us for the remainder of the weekend and with time is a chilly wind. temps start the day in the low 60s Saturday but as that wind cranks, those temps settle into the 50s by afternoon and for Sunday, those temps start in the 40s and only reach the 50s for the afternoon. Blustery & cool both days for Head Of The Charles.

Chilly weather is here for much of next week.