Sun Fades… Spring Still Missing

Well, Saturday wasn’t exactly a sign that winter is ending and the warmer months are ahead. With rain changing to snow across northern Mass and southern New Hampshire, and some fat flakes flying, it left many folks wondering…. Where’s Spring? With the March we’ve had going on so far, I think you could put Spring on the “gone missing” poster for now.  Actually, if you really wanted to look for it, it can be found on a 6hr car ride south, as Atlantic City, New Jersey hit 81 degrees for a high temp to kick off the weekend!

While it doesn’t feel like Spring early on this Sunday morning with many towns in the frosty 20s, at least we kick off the day with some sunshine. However, these breaks of morning sunshine will yield to increasing clouds and even a few sprinkles by mid to late afternoon. With temps running in the low 40s, it’ll still be cool for the time of year, but overall, not as damp/dismal as Saturday.

Moisture continues to increase through this evening with scattered showers becoming more widespread. Even some sleet and freezing rain is possible inland, especially across northern Worcester County, points north and west. In fact, there’s a freezing rain advisory posted for the interior from midnight to 8am Monday. Treated roads should be fine, you may just need to watch the footing on the front steps or driveway.

The trend of increasing the wet weather continues overnight with many of us waking up to a damp and dreary Monday. Plan on commute to commute of puddles and road spray as showers are in and out through the day, tapering off to drizzle at times. About 0.50-1.00″ of rain is possible.  Temps on Monday are stuck near 40 north of the Pike, but may near 50 along the south coast of New England.

Looks like we start to buck the trend Tuesday as we reach the 50s with a few late day showers possible. 50s stay on Wednesday, but they come with a gusty breeze. That breeze is still active Thursday, but sunshine will prevail. Sunshine holds strong Friday with low 50s inland and 40s at the coast. Somewhat better for sure… that sun goes a long way this time of year and least we’ll see more and more of it! We’re less than a couple months away from post 8pm sunsets!

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