Sunday Rain Day

For some, a rainy Sunday is a Fun Day while for others….not so much. We do have rain heading this way for the second half of the weekend but not for the entire day. While I do think the chance of rain is there for the entire day, the highest chance of that rain is mid-late afternoon through Sunday Night. The rain will come at us in pieces (thanks to a warm front) and initially those pieces of rain are few & far between but as we step through the afternoon those pieces of rain become bigger…meaning it’s more likely you get some rain by mid-late day. I know it’s a weekend (mine too) but we do need this widespread rain as most towns have seen a dry winter (snowless!) as well as a dry spring. That has led to rainfall deficits between 2-4″ of rain for the year and while we don’t want 4″ of rain tomorrow getting some of that rain would be great! Rain is with us tomorrow night and moves offshore by early Monday morning. By that time, I think the rain gauges pick up close to an inch of rain. Sunshine & warm temps return for early next week.

Enjoy the second half of your weekend!