Best Case Scenario

So, my husband and I were all set (and mostly excited) to run the BAA Half Marathon today.  We got up, got ready, downed our pre-race coffees and bagels, and then hitched a ride to the start-line.  I really did have the best intentions.  I really did want to run this race!  But the second we got out of the car, the rain turned from a drizzle to a shower and as I checked my radar I realized that it wasn’t likely to let up.  We both said at the same time, “NOPE!” turned on our already-soaked-sneaker-heels and got right back in another car to get a ride home.  #HalfMarathonFail.  To all of those who braved the rain today to run 13.1 miles, you are my heroes!  I admire your determination and your “stick-to-it” attitude!  I realized today that I am a fair-weather runner; I only run when there is fair-weather.  I’m okay with that.  :c)

Were your Sunday plans ruined by the rain?  You weren’t the only one!  Even the ALDS Game 3 at Fenway was postponed until tomorrow night.  Probably a good choice there.  While my forecast last night was SPOT-ON for a soaker in SE Mass, Cape Cod and the islands – I really didn’t think that the soaking rain would make it much more NW of Boston.  It’s tricky for forecast models to really nail down details when it comes to tropical interaction with a front, which was our set-up today.  I noticed on social media tonight that the rain had made some Twitter-peeps pretty grumpy.  BOTTOM LINE HERE:  We NEED the rain!  Yeah, it turned out to be more than we thought!  GREAT!

To be honest, this really was the “best case scenario” that we got out of Matthew.  Remember last week when we were still thinking that Matthew could make his way up the coastline and bring us a hurricane by today?  We certainly do not want the destruction of a hurricane or a tropical storm here, but this moisture is much needed.  Currently Matthew is an extra-tropical cyclone (which basically means it has lost it’s tropical characteristics and looks more like a Nor’Easter than a hurricane).  This storm is about 200 miles east of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and tracking to the ENE.  Matthew does NOT make it to New England, but we were able to “steal” some of its rain and bring it north to quench the thirst of our parched region.  We got the rain without the devastation.  As I write this blog, Boston has picked up close to 1.5″ of rain today, and Nantucket is closing in on 2″… there’s still more on the way this evening and through the overnight which could bring totals for Boston, points S & E, up to 2-3″.  The back edge of the rain will push through overnight.  Rain will likely end for Boston, points N & W, around midnight.  It will be slower to exit the Cape and islands, probably still bringing rain to those spots through 3am, or so.

Wind is already picking up.  Maybe you learned the hard way today when you took the cheap-o umbrella out and were literally blown away.  It’s days like today that I suggest you dress like a Gorton’s Fisherman.    The umbrella won’t cut it in wind-driven rain.  Winds for Cape Cod, Nantucket, Cape Ann, already gusting between 40-45mph.  A Wind Advisory goes into effect for Cape Cod and both islands at 8pm tonight and will remain in effect through 12:30pm tomorrow.  Gusts to 50mph are possible, and this could down tree branches – especially because our vegetation is so stressed by the drought.  It doesn’t take much force to push a weak person over… and the same could go for some of our weak trees.

Columbus Day will be sunny, but also quite cool!  Highs will top out in the upper 50s for most.  I have “breezy” on the forecast, but some might venture to say it’s just downright “windy” tomorrow (especially those areas under the Wind Advisory).  Of course we did miss out on our game at Fenway today, but we’ll get another shot at it tomorrow.  Forecast looks good for the big game!

Not much chance for more rain this week.  Maybe a spots shower on Thursday… but that’s it.  It’s a dry, but beautiful, fall week ahead.  Enjoy!  – Breezy