Sunshine Then Snow

Soooooooo……we have snow in the forecast and while snow does happen in late March-early April, it still can be a soul-crushing event. We actually had a snowstorm last April 3rd-4th when Boston picked up 6.6″ of snow but I think the issue this year (maybe last year too–I cant recall) was just how warm the second half of February was. Temps were in the 60s & 70s for several days, not normal until late April & May! When that happens, anything colder that follows does a number on the psyche.
Before the storm, we do have a nice sunny day tomorrow with temps in the upper 40s–pretty close to normal! Enjoy it!

The storm will affect us mid morning Friday through early afternoon Saturday as it passes south of New England. Here is where that storm will be Friday Night:

That storm will create a shield of snow Friday & Friday Night before giving way to rain early Saturday morning. This changeover to rain-sleet is likely along and south of the MA Pike. Farther north & west, plan on a wet snowstorm. For this reason, we do have a Winter Storm Watch in effect for locations likely to see a plowable snow:
Our *Special Map* in the maps section details the snowfall potential for this storm. When looking at that map, keeping in mind, in some locations, roads will be mostly wet as spring snow is met with a higher sun angle than winter–even when its cloudy & snowing if temps are at 32, the snow won’t stick to roads. If it is snowing lightly, that also cuts down on snow accumulation on roads. At night and snowing steadily is the best/easiest chance for snow to quickly add up on roads.

The storm will generate some wind at the coast early Saturday morning…on the order of 25-45 mph (over 45mph on Cape Cod). There may also be some minor coastal flooding at the 3am/3pm high tide on Saturday.

Nothing we haven’t seen before but nothing we want to see on April 1st.

Enjoy that sunshine tomorrow.