Super Bowl LIII Rolling Rally Forecast

Today’s parade will be the warmest Super Bowl Rolling Rally in Boston! In 2017, it was chilly and Logan reported 1.2″ of snow. During the rally there was a mix of snow and rain.

The coldest parade was back in 2002. Morning temperatures were in the teens and highs only in the upper 20s.

There could be a quick shower before the rolling rally between 8-10 AM this morning, and then skies will gradually clear.

This year’s celebration will feature warm weather! Boston will be in the mid to upper 40s by 9AM and then we jump into the mid-50s by 11 AM!

By the end of the parade, it will feel more like late-April in the low 60s.

The day will start with extra clouds and then we clear up by the early afternoon and will see some sun.