Teasing You

Not me!….Ma Nature. January Thaw’s are quite common as it is rare to go an entire winter with cold–even the cold winter of 2013-2014 had a 10-12 day stretch of crazy warmth in mid January. No different this year as we have thawed out. Check out the high temps from the day…

That 55 in Boston missed the record high by 6 degrees. What added to the spring-like fling was a day full of sunshine. The good news is that we have another warm day tomorrow…the not-so-good news is that cold air is lurking. Check out temps from 5pm this evening..

I see you Green Bay & Twin Cities. It won’t turn that cold soon but this time of year the cold can be quite bold, having its way with warmth. You also notice Chicago & Detroit in the 40s—when you see temps in the single digits in MN but in the 40s just east across the Great Lakes, there must be a front in there somewhere. That front will head this way tomorrow (with the cold air lagging behind) with clouds and a few showers early and late in the day. I think the early showers are with us from 2-7am and the late day rain chance is from 7-10pm. In-between are a bunch of clouds and a whole lot of warmth…mid 50s yet again!

By Friday, that front is gone and it takes the spring-like temps out to sea. We’ll actually start Friday in the low 40s but those temps will slide into the 30s by afternoon and continue losing ground through the night. We are back into the cold for the Holiday Weekend with seasonable temps for Sunday-Monday (30s). Great for skiers and boarders . That Pats-Texans playoff game looks nice & chilly–not too cold but just enough to keep that D on ice. Game time temps in the 20s with mainly cloudy skies.