Temps going back up…and then down

After a fantastic early December weekend (dry both days and barely any wind!) we turn our attention to a developing winter pattern in the upcoming days. Getting to this winter pattern means we will go through some storminess..a warm storm tho!

The storm itself heads for southern Canada and a path like that ensures New England of raindrops, not snowflakes (or ice pellets). The storm will drag a couple of fronts through the region late Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning–a warm front then cold front. Taco Tuesday is mainly cloudy but not much in the way of rain (perhaps some patchy drizzle) before 4pm. Around and after 4pm, showers arrive and become more numerous and heavy tomorrow night. That is also when the warm air arrives. Check out what the weather map should look like around midnight tomorrow night:

Quite a bit of rain but also warm! Temps close to 60 overnight tomorrow night. Sad that the warmest part of the week is from 12am-6am Wednesday! #WastedWarmth. Most towns pick up between .50 and 1.00″ of rain with this weather system. The cold front sweeps the rain offshore before the morning commute on Wednesday but also the 60 degree warmth. Skies become partly sunny on Wednesday and temps hover in the mid 40s for the entire day. Thursday is seasonably cool under a partly sunny sky.

On Friday (and beyond) our jet stream takes on a look that usually means cold and with cold increases the chance of snow with any potential storm.

As of this evening (Monday) there appears to be a couple of chances of some light snow. The first is Friday evening and the second is Saturday evening-night.

Neither look blockbuster-y but it is the Holiday season with travel to be done so we’ll let the weather models resolve the atmosphere a little better before getting too far ahead of ourselves.

T’is the season…or soon will be.