Temps into the 50s as well as a risk of some snow. New England

Overall, the pattern we currently reside in is a mild pattern but even within a mild pattern a chilly day can occur. Welcome to today. Temps struggled to reach the lower 30s today—far from bitter but a smidge below normal. At least we had the sun around for moral support!

Valentine’s Day will be milder tho with temps expected to flirt with 50 by afternoon. We will start the day with temps near 30 so give it a few hours before you feel the 50s love. Also, clouds will be all over the place early in the day but I do think we’ll get some sunshine in here by midday and afternoon. Even warmer for Thursday as temps will run up next to 60 by afternoon and that’s with morning clouds and isolated showers! Impressive. We should be able to eek out one more mild day on Friday (low 50s) before a cold front sends temps downhill by nightfall. Saturday is our next chilly day…

That chilly day may evolve into a snowy night.

It’s early in the game but the possibility is there:

A quick hitting storm may move across southern New England late Saturday evening and Saturday night with possibly a plowable snow (at least 2″). I realize if you read my blog last night I chirped about our mild pattern shutting down the snow game until early March. I might have #jinxed us but even if we do need to do a little shoveling/plowing more warm air will stream into New England early next week..more 50s on tap. A lovely time of year, wouldn’t you say?