Thaw (part 1) Is Just About Over

I do enjoy all the seasons here in New England–including winter!–but with that said, these days when we thaw out are great….it allows us to reset the decks if you will. Reduce snow/ice off the roofs, sidewalks & driveways as well as a chance to go for a walk/run and not freeze 6 seconds into that activity and if nothing else, allow the psyche to counterattack those winter blues.

It’s very rare to go through an entire winter–90 days–with nothing but cold–even in our cold winter of 2013-2014 there was a ten, 12 day stretch in mid January where we thawed–just about wiping out all the snow from December so it’s not different this year that we have fallen into a bit of a thaw with the past two days seeing temps around 20-25 degrees above normal. That all ends late tonight as a cold front blasts into New England.

When you head out the door tomorrow morning you will feel that cold wind doing its dirty week but temps will still be around 38-43 (normal high is 36!). As we work through the day, those temps will hold their ground at first then give way to colder numbers by late afternoon and evening (upper 20s). The cold continues to pour into the region so that by early Saturday morning our temps will be in the lower teens! Recovery will be slow throughout the day as afternoon temps are only in the 20s. (Plan on cloudy skies/temps in the mid 20s for the Pats game Saturday evening).

Sunday & Monday offer more sunshine but the temps will bounce back to more seasonable numbers…finishing in the mid & upper 30s each afternoon—-just about ideal for skiing this Holiday Weekend.

Signs point to another thaw by the middle of next week–not as warm as this week’s but still above normal. No, winter is not finished–not by a longshot—long range guidance suggests a much colder pattern setting up shop around the end of the month and into February.

Enjoy the mild evening first!