The Winds Of Change

Wind…..the movement of air (breaking wind is reserved for another blog). Over the next few days, quite a bit of wind will make itself known around these parts. Windy days are common this time of year (and again in March) as the jet stream begins its southern jaunt from Canada into the northern tier of the United States. Conversely, the month of March will also feature a number of windy days as the same jet stream retreats back into Canada.

Storm systems help to transport that wind from the clouds downward to the ground and today’s rainstorm, now departing, will help to ramp up the wind overnight and again during the day on Friday.

Friday is a blustery & cool day but at least we’ll have the sunshine. As for the weekend, another storm takes aim on New England:

As of now, it looks like most of Saturday is dry with rain showers arriving after 5pm and lasting through the night (rain gear a good idea for the BC/UCONN game out at Fenway). Sunday will start with rain showers but then dry out/brighten up by midday-afternoon. Temps are a bit wacky as they’ll start in the mid 50s on Sunday morning but then fall into the 40s by late day. Wind will be an issue as well, occasionally gusting around 40mph throughout the region on Sunday. Raking leaves will be challenging to say the least. After this weekend storm, the pattern goes into sleep mode for much of next week and that is huge with the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching…lots of travel to be had! In terms of the biggest travel day–Wednesday–here is what the weather map should look like:

Some showers across Florida as well as NorCal up into the Pacific Northwest.