Upward Trend

Another nice winter day! Sunshine (a few clouds showed up during the afternoon) and temps made it into the upper 30s & low 40s–just about normal for this time of year. Temps will continue an upward trend the next couple of days and close in on record warmth on Thursday! The reason for an early spring preview is the jet stream locking up the cold winter air across Canada–it’s done this a number of times this winter already (much of January) and there are no signs of any bitter air heading this way for the next week or so.

Great news if you are ready for spring…not so much if you dig cold & snow. Here is that temperature trend:
Look at those temps! More like late April for these parts and even later for that 65 on Thursday. Here is a closer look at Thursday’s high temps:
That 65 in Boston and the 62 in Worcester would tie the records for that day. The added bonus is that we should have a fair amount of sunshine. Sometimes, warm February days are tied to a big rainstorms as getting the warmth into New England from other parts of the country requires some work but not this time—sunshiney weather for the day.

Speaking of storms, it looks like Friday Night through Saturday Night is our next bout of unsettled weather. A few showers possible Friday Night….some sun on Saturday then round 2 of the weather system (the main event really) arrives in the form of showers late Saturday Night (read: Saturday looks dry..and warm again).

This storm won’t bring any snow but it will knock temps back closer to normal for Sunday..low to mid 40s. You may be wondering, will we pay for all this warmth later? Not necessarily as Ma Nature doesn’t hold grudges…sometimes mild winters just roll into mild springs. Truth be told, I’m sure we have a little more cold & snow left somewhere in the front half of March but once you hit March, it’s just about curtains for winter.
Enjoy your tacos!