Welcome Rain

It can be a real bummer when rain threatens to take out either of the weekend days.  Trust me, as a “weekend warrior” here on the 7Weather team, I can’t tell you how many more emails/tweets/comments I get to file with the “complaint department” when it rains on a Saturday or Sunday.  So, it’s good to know that the next round of wet weather moves in for Tuesday and Wednesday.  The timing of the heaviest rain may also work in our favor; arriving while most of us are sleeping.  Yes, I’ll admit that there’s a good chance the Red Sox game will be a washout tomorrow – and possibly Wednesday as well…  #bummer – but overall, these spring showers are necessary to get the lawns and gardens off to a good start.

We’ve finally managed to crawl out of drought conditions throughout Massachusetts – but our spring precipitation is bordering on “average” right now, which means the more dry days we have the further we’ll fall into rain-debt.  Spring precip for Boston (since March 1st) is only 1.17″ above average, while Worcester is only 0.46″ above average.  Each dry day that goes by, that surplus will dwindle by 0.10-0.15″… which means there aren’t many dry days left until we’re back in the “red.”  Bottom line is, we’ll take the rain!  Plus again, it’s not a weekend!

This will be a longer-duration of showers and rain, starting tomorrow morning and continuing through much of the day Wednesday.  Again, the heaviest rain looks most likely overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday morning.  I’d say the wettest commute in the next couple of days will likely be the Wednesday AM commute.  All said and done, we’re looking at 1-2″ of widespread rain.  Of course, our “Today in New England” team has you covered starting at 4:30am with your latest weather and traffic updates M-F.  Be sure to get the rain gear handy, and tune in for updates through the next couple of days.

While it won’t be WINDY with this system, necessarily, it will be breezy.  Furthermore, it’s an onshore breeze that will keep temps cool.  Astronomical tides are high currently, and with the onshore wind component there is a concern for some beach erosion and pockets of minor coastal flooding.  Here are the high tide cycles that will be of most concern: