Wet Sunday, Summer Monday

We saw quite a recovery in temps today!  Many spots bottomed out in the 30s last night (early this morning), and some spots even saw some patchy frost.  That’s not necessarily how you want to kick off the “last blast of summer” weekend!  I understand that – but it didn’t stay chilly for long today, as temps were able to climb into the low to mid 70s inland for highs this afternoon.  Tonight won’t be nearly as chilly as last night due to the cloud cover that’s filling in.  Expect lows in the low to mid 50s tonight, with spotty showers moving in after midnight.

Now – onto the story for Sunday.  Just what we don’t like to see during a holiday weekend, right?

Wet weather in the forecast is always a bummer during the weekend – especially when it’s a weekend that typically features outdoor plans.  Even worse when it looks like the threat for showers will last through the day.  We will get some lulls in the rain from time to time, but plan on having the rain gear/umbrella handy for the better part of our daylight hours tomorrow.  Dry weather won’t work in until just about the time the sun goes down tomorrow (7:14pm) – but if you really want to get that dinner/supper cookout in, you may be able to make it happen if you have patience and an extra layer for warmth (temps 57-67° at 7pm tomorrow).

Summer weather is back on Labor Day – and the beach forecast is ready to go!  Enjoy highs in the low 80s (a little cooler right near the water), under mostly sunny skies – and hopefully you won’t be “enjoying” it stuck in the drive-home traffic.

Tuesday is another warm day, with highs in the mid to upper 80s – but the humidity is also back in the picture.  A front will be moving in from the NW late in the day, and this could spawn showers and storms to the NW late Tuesday – but I’ve left it off of the 7day forecast for now, because the bulk of the day will be dry.  That front does work in through the day on Wednesday – and sort of “stalls out” over us for a bit.  This will keep the wet weather in the picture through Thursday, and possibly even into Friday.  This round of unsettled weather also has the potential to be a SOAKER – especially overnight Wednesday into Thursday.  We’ll continue to watch it and time it out for your planning purposes.

Tracking Hurricane Irma:

From Meteorologist Chris Lambert’s blog earlier today:  “Obviously with Harvey fresh in our minds, any potent hurricane that forms out in the Atlantic is going to catch a lot of folks attention. With Irma, while the attention and interest is well warranted, the final forecast/path is not close to being nailed down.

What we know is that Irma is a powerful hurricane already, even though it’s well out there in the Atlantic. It will continue to be a powerful hurricane for day upon day to come as warm water, little wind shear and little interaction with land will allow it to continue it’s journey uninterrupted through at least the next 5 days.”

Below is the latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center as of 11pm Saturday:

Again, Chris wrote it best in his blog this morning:  “What we’re watching in the long range (day 7-11) is how troughs and ridges develop along and ahead of its path. How strong they are, and their timing will dictate Irma’s long range track. In 4-5 days, Irma will likely be near the Leeward Islands, still another 4-5 days away from even nearing the U.S. Coastline. That places any potential U.S. impact about 8-10 days out, and notice I highlight “potential”. Although some models/set-ups would favor a U.S. landfall, there still are plausible solutions that show Irma staying off the East coast, albeit a little close for comfort. Bottom line, it’s certainly something to watch closely as it’ll continuing to be a powerful hurricane, but at this point, it’s too far out to say where the worst goes.”

So when will we know more?!  I know it can cause anxiety to see this strong storm out in the Atlantic, forecast to make a curve to the NW during the middle of next week.  It’s just that there are so many players/factors/keys to every forecast model run – and several models – and several runs in a day – and things can change from run to run.  This far out – a forecast can change dramatically.  So, while I know there have been others (even here in the Boston area) that have shown what certain models are doing TODAY, predicting TEN DAYS OUT – it’s really not worth much, in my humble opinion.  We really need to wait and see for any amount of certainty with this – and we’ll keep you posted every step of the way.  All possibilities are still on the table – including “out to sea.”  Please stay tuned – and stay tuned to the correct media outlets (those you KNOW you can trust).  Beware those that want to “fearmonger” and the posts online that really are just “click bait.”

Be well.  Enjoy the rest of this Labor Day Weekend.  – Breezy