What IS Spring?

First off:  I wasn’t all that sure that I would remember how to do my job tonight.  Turns out, it’s just like riding a bike!  :c)  If you don’t follow me on my social media accounts, you may have wondered if I had disappeared for good.  I was on the trip of a lifetime with my husband:  From Iceland to Paris to Maastricht (where I studied abroad during college) to Amsterdam…  I really LOVE to travel – especially when the weather is great… and we had great weather!  Spring had REALLY sprung in Paris (and even got my allergies going, turning me into “Sneezy Breezy), and I did my best to bottle it up and bring it back to Boston.  By the looks of this week’s forecast, it worked!  Spring is finally here!

Now, to the real weather blog:  What IS the spring season supposed to be like anyway?  If you can, please tell me what spring is supposed to be like in New England!  I’ve heard it said so many times, “There is no spring!  We go directly from winter into summer!”  Yes, I know it can often seem like that.  I will say this:  Spring is a “transition” season – so the one thing we can count on is a lot of variability.  I posted the temp trend on Twitter tonight and had way too many people tweet back with “80’s are too warm!”  Okay, Goldilocks!  Don’t worry!  If you’re not a fan of the warmth, it won’t last.  It’s those “ups and downs” of spring that we can count on to keep us guessing… and moods on Twitter.  :c)

Here we go… A boost in temperatures, and it all starts tomorrow.  The one BIG DISCLAIMER though, is the sea breeze!  That ol’ sea breeze can really skunk the forecast during these warmer spring days, but eventually it will be very welcome during the hotter days of July and August.  Tomorrow we can expect a sea breeze to develop along the coastline, likely keeping temps for Boston in the mid to upper 50s.  It really just depends on how quickly we can warm up before the breeze comes in off of the cool ocean water.  Away from the coastline, enjoy the low to mid 60s!  I even broke out my “Flame-broiled Forecast” for dinner tomorrow night, in case you wanna break out the grill:

It’s even warmer for Monday, into the low to mid 70s away from the coastline – and even into the low 80s inland on Tuesday.  Wednesday is the next opportunity to pick up any precipitation with the passage of a cold front, but this could end up being nothing at all.  I give it about a 40% chance right now, with even a chance for some rumbles of thunder.  Then, it’s back down in the temp-trend department as we continue these ups and downs of spring.  That’s exactly what I would say spring IS:  Ups and downs.  Enjoy your weekend!  – Breezy

Oh, and here’s a pic from my #springbreak last week.  Yes, I’m wearing denim on denim (a fashion faux-pas, but I figure “fashion” and “faux-pas” are both FRENCH so…) in front of the Louvre.