What’s Grosser Than Gross??

Humid, damp, heavy air! The worst. For me, it’s like the wind in January—a cold, sunny day is manageable but throw in a stiff wind along with the cold and forget it. This time of year, I can handle 95 degree heat but when you have pure tropical air, it’s game over. This humidity may lead to a few isolated showers & storms early to mid evening. As of 6pm, there is a healthy line of showers & storms out in the Berkshires moving east but that line is likely to weaken as it heads east. There may be 1 or 2 stronger storms that come through with 20-30mph wind gust, frequent lightning as well as some beneficial rain but for most, it’s much ado about nothing….

…..We start Friday how we end Thursday, the air feeling like swamp air (or something like that) but as we step through the day, the air dries out a little which then allows the temps to skyrocket (dry air heats up quicker than humid air). This drier air, full July sunshine and a southwest breeze will be enough to send temps to near-record levels…low to mid 90s! The record in Boston is 98–I bet we finish near 95, while in Worcester, the record is 90–likely a tie (perhaps a degree or two hotter). Except for a random storm along the South Coast/Cape we are storm-free tomorrow.

The weekend offers sunshine, heat & less humidity…..a pretty solid weekend for outdoor activities!