Winter Week

In one of my blogs last week I noted ( I think it was Tuesday) that easing into winter is definitely the way to go. This morning’s storm was a little more robust than last week’s storm but still manageable. The storm also behaved itself, for a meteorologist this is good—akin to a pro athlete getting off to a fast start in the season–helps the psyche moving forward! Here is how the storm performed across the region earlier today:
Officially out at Boston-Logan 0.9″ of snow (Worcester 2.6″). The storm was a fast-mover which allowed breaks in the overcast/some patches of sun for a time late this afternoon and skies will clear out this evening. We did melt some snow today so there is likely to be some areas of refreeze early tomorrow morning. What the storm did not do is drag some bitterly cold air into the region (that happens with greater frequency as winter grows) so the next couple of days we’ll see a mix of sun & clouds with seasonable temps—around 40. Decent winter days.

By late week we exchange seasonable with bitter…arctic and near-record! Check out temps (5pm)  in Canada this evening:
Yikes—that’ll freeze some nose hair! By Thursday, the jet stream will re-arrange itself by Thursday and in doing so will grab a chunk of that bitterly cold air and yank it into New England for a couple of days. Prepare for an arctic assault:

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?! ;o/