Video shown of witness admitting to Marriott murder

Jurors are now seeing two different sides of the prosecution’s star witness.

The defense played an hour long video of Kat McDonough reviewing a statement in which she said she caused the death of Lizzi Marriott.

McDonough, then 18, is seen giggling and laughing while going over her initial statement and saying she caused the death of Marriott during rough sex in 2012.

It’s a different woman than the one on the stand for the state, testifying she saw her ex-boyfriend, Seth Mazzaglia, strangle and rape Lizzi Marriott after she rejected his sexual advances.

During cross-examination, the defense tried to put the blame back on McDonough.

“I went over to window. I hadn’t done anything. He was in the process of murdering her and I didn’t know what to do,” McDonough said.

Before McDonough took the stand for the seventh day, two FBI forensic experts testified that strands of hair found on a New Hampshire island match those of Lizzi Marriott.

Prosecutors believe her body was tossed from that island into the river.