Patriots build chemistry at celebrity softball game

Shane Vereen and teammates traded footballs for softballs for Kevin Faulk’s celebrity game. Hitting the diamond for a good cause, while showing off their multi-sport skills, or lack thereof.

There’s a reason they play football. But getting together outside of practice is a great chance to build chemistry as the Patriots get ready for training camp.

The celebrity softball game might be about having fun, but don’t think the Pats are taking it lightly. Just like in practice they embrace competition. Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley expect an open competition between all the running backs this summer.

Bill Belichick has proven he has no problem shuffling the depth chart or just flat our sitting a guy when he’s not happy with them. Stevan Ridley knows that better than anyone.  

“You can go out there and be Bill’s starter one game and the next game you are two or three guys behind, so none of that matters it’s week in and week out and that’s what coach stresses to us every week,” Ridley said. “We just have to go out there and be as competitive as we can be. He’s gonna play the matchup game and we just have to be unselfish and go out there and capitalize on the plays we get.”

Ridley is mentally preparing himself to battle his teammates for the top spot. He knows he has to hold on to the ball.

“The team relies on me and I rely on my teammates to help me get the job done as a person that’s really where I’ve grown and matured to take it one day at a time and be thankful for the things you get good or bad. You learn from it and keep going,” Ridley said.