Sex Change for Inmate? No way!

Let's review:

In 1990, a man strangles his wife in Massachusetts. He's convicted of first degree murder. With no death penalty here, he gets the maximum sentence: life without parole.

Then he decides he's actually a woman; he fights to have the State pay for his sex change operation and, today, a judge says taxpayers will have to.

The judge has the right to make that ruling, but that doesn't make the ruling right.

In fact, I'd argue this decision will cut confidence in the courts, and in government, which is exactly what we don't need.

Somewhere, sometime, society has to draw a line and just say “no” to the endless requests for public assistance.

And I would draw the line right here.

Our needs are unlimited; but our resources are not.

If this convicted murderer wants this operation, then he should pay for it. If he can't, I'm sorry.

I don't think that makes me a bigot…I think it makes me just one more American who thinks government has lost its way.

Does crime pay?

No, we do!