100-year-old woman gets Girl Scout badge 90 years later

LEXINGTON, MASS. (WHDH) - 100-year-old Miriam McCue received a reception more than 90 years in the making.

Miriam has accomplished a lot in her life, but there was something that was still missing.

“I asked Miriam a few years back if she had any regrets in her life,” said best friend Kathie Jung, “and her only regret was not getting her Girl Scout badge.”

“All the other little girls wanted to get to light a fire so they could get that badge,” Miriam said, “and I was so polite and considerate of all the other little girls that I stood back…I never got to light the fire.”

Which means that she never got her badge.

That is, until a few weeks ago. Miriam’s friends reached out to the Girl Scout troops at Hanscom Air Force Base who, in a backyard in Bedford, helped Miriam earn that coveted campfire badge.

“We actually found a book from when Miriam was a Girl Scout, so we found a handbook from an earlier generation, so we tried to mirror some of the different items she was going to have to do to earn her badge back then, and then match it up with some of the things you would do for a campfire badge now,” said Girl Scouts volunteer Jennifer Strong.

“Somebody gave me a long stick and put a marshmallow on the end of it,” Miriam said, “so I made what they called S’mores.”

Now in front of friends new and old, Miriam proudly displayed the badge that’s pinned to her mother’s sweater.

“It was really fun helping her get her campfire badge,” said current Girl Scout Madison Carrion.

“This was a great opportunity to teach them a great lesson about helping others,” Strong added.

Because once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout.

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