2 men caught on camera in Salem drilling cars’ tires

SALEM, MA (WHDH) - Grainy security camera footage captures two men as they emerge from behind a car and moments later, they hide what police say is a drill, just off the screen.

Salem Police Sergeant Jason Smith says the two men, Yogesh and Deepakkumar Patel, drilled through cars parked in their own lot at M&N Borderline Discount in Salem, New Hampshire.

They had called police earlier, complaining that the cars were parked there illegally.

“Obviously we didn’t understand why they did it,” said Sergeant Smith, “and they didn’t have a good reason as to why they did it either.”

Stranger yet, Smith said it was their own camera that caught them.

“The owner was reluctant to give it to us,” said Smith. “However, ultimately we recovered the video surveillance.”

The store owner Yogesh Patel declined to speak on camera but insisted over the phone that the cars were parked illegally.

He did not admit to drilling the tires.

The two will appear in court on June 28th.


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