7 Investigates: A fight for access to Lake Boon is getting ugly in Hudson

HUDSON, MASS. (WHDH) - The fight for access to Lake Boon is getting ugly in Hudson.

People are upset over a locked gate, which now blocks access to a strip of beach where people launch their boats.

“It’s just such a shame. To me it’s so wasteful of time, effort and money, that people are trying to impede the access of others to the water,” says Glenn Forsmo, whose family home borders the boat launch.

The family on the other side of the launch say they sold their rights to the access area last year.

Sheryl Wharff and her husband paid $200 for those rights.

They filed a deed and put up the gate.

“He has no right to it,” says Lori Hawkes. She lives nearby in Stow and loves to boat on Lake Boon.

She says she and people from across the state have been using this spot for decades to launch their boats.

“All of a sudden, he decided he didn’t want anybody to use it, right out of the blue,” says Hawkes.

Hawkes and several others have formed a Facebook group.

They’ve also hired a lawyer who says county documents show the private way isn’t owned by anyone.

Not a resident and not a town, so it can’t be blocked by anyone either.

“The roads around the lake, most of them are private ways, open to the public,” says Hawkes.

A lawyer for the Wharffs says since the area has never been owned or developed by anyone, the Wharffs can legally claim it.

Sheryl Wharff came to speak with us after neighbors called the police during our interview with Lori.

“We have a deed, we have a title,” said Wharff.

Wharff says she and her husband have allowed people to use the area, when they ask.

The Wharffs believe too many boaters were using the launch and destroying the land. They say there are other boat launches that access the lake.

Forsmo says, he believes anyone has the right to come through.

“Personally, I’d like the barrier to be removed and just for people to enjoy the water, as and when they should,” says Forsmo.

Hudson city leaders say they will not get involved in this boat battle, so the only option now is for someone to go to land court. That would be very expensive.

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