7Investigates: National Grid clears unruly plants from Brockton backyard

BROCKTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Sergio Cannon says he loves his Brockton neighborhood, but not the plants growing on the other side of his fence.

“The vines would grow in between the wood boards and over it, and it would rot the wood,” says Cannon. “The fence has been changed a couple of times.”

Cannon says vines, bushes and trees have been invading his yard for years.

“Around the tree, there’s vines. Thick vines are growing around the tree and (I believe) it’s killed all these trees,” says Cannon.

Cannon says, they even destroyed his pool.

“We had a pool over there and we had cement all the way around the pool,” says Cannon. “The roots grew underneath and you could see it growing in between the cement and in the cracks.”

The plants are growing from the property behind Cannon’s backyard.

Property owned by National Grid.

Cannon says his family has tried to clean up as much as they can, but there’s poison ivy everywhere.

“On our arms, we get poison ivy, it spreads to our body, next thing you know, you’re covered in poison ivy. Just from chopping that,” says Cannon.

Cannon says he tried to reach National Grid several times over the years, but no one has come out.

“If they cleaned it, everything would look nice and it would be safer,” says Cannon.

National Grid says their customer service department had no records of Cannon’s calls, but were happy to help.

The company sent a crew to clean things up right after 7 Investigates contacted them.

National Grid is now removing two dead trees as well as clearing all the trees and vines affecting the Cannon’s fence.

A National Grid spokesperson told 7 Investigates “our priority is resolving this the best we can for our customer and we are happy to be doing so.”

The spokesperson said the Cannons were sent a letter about upcoming work in January 2019, but never contacted National Grid back.

The spokesperson says when the company sends letters or door cards about future projects, they ask that customers please respond and let the company know they are okay with any work.

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