82-year-old store clerk stabbed as he fights off a robber in Dartmouth

DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WHDH) — An 82-year-old store clerk in Dartmouth is back at work after he was stabbed in an altercation with a robber on Wednesday.

Bill Chandler runs the Hixville Village Store on Fall River Road. On Wednesday, police said a masked robber stormed in and demanded money. Chandler said he thought it was a joke at first and refused.

The suspect then pulled out a knife and stabbed him three times. Chandler was stabbed twice in the leg and got cut on the hand when he deflected an attack to his upper torso. Chandler said the robber would not back down so he grabbed a stool and threw it at the suspect. He then kicked him.

“I think it was the combination of adrenaline and the shock of what was happening and the adrenaline won out,” said Chandler.

The suspect ran out of the store. Chandler was taken to the hospital and got stitches for his stab wounds.

Police are still searching for the suspect.

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