Allegations that elementary teacher assaulted 2 students in Brockton sparks investigation

BROCKTON, MA (WHDH) — The superintendent of schools in Brockton is investigating allegations that a teacher at an elementary got physical with two students.

The teacher in the incidents works at the Brookfield School, which has students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Charlie Robbins said the teacher assaulted his fifth-grader CJ after she allegedly shoved another boy last month.

“She had come up behind him and grabbed him by his shoulders and shook him and told him to be quiet, which is very unacceptable,” said Robbins. He told 7News the teacher was escorted off school grounds Friday.

The father of the boy allegedly shoved for not getting up fast enough back in September said he moved his child, Caleb, to a different school in Brockton to keep him away from the teacher.

“She pushed him; pushed his shoulder, so he lunged forward. As he went forward, he hit the desk and the desk moved a little bit,” said Gregg Natale, father of Caleb. “I was angry. It shouldn’t happen. I don’t touch my son; nobody else should hit my son.

Natale said he spoke with school administration but they did not do enough to prevent something like this from happening again.

Parents said they wish the district would give them more information about what happened. Some parents told 7News they have not gotten a letter sent home about the incident but instead heard about it on Facebook.

Brockton Schools Superintendent Kathleen Smith said in a statement, “It is never accpetable to be physically aggressive in any way with students and we are investigating allegations that have been made at the Brookfield School.”

School officials would not say if the teacher is off the job or not. The teacher refused to comment to 7News.

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