Americans shocked to find stimulus checks deposited into accounts of dead loved ones

BOSTON (WHDH) - People across the country say they are shocked to find government stimulus checks deposited into the bank accounts of their loved ones who have died.

Brian Bisson — a Certified Public Accountant and attorney in Andover– said he has a client who received $2,400 from the IRS even though her husband passed away in 2018.

“One of my clients reached out to me to inform me that the government had deposited a $1,200 check in her mother’s checking account,” Bisson said, adding that the client’s mother passed away over a year ago.

The stimulus payments are based on taxpayers’ 2019 returns or 2018 returns if they have not filed yet.

“My belief is, the government was so anxious to get the money into people’s hands they just went by the IRS records and started sending out checks to get the money in people’s hands as quick as possible,” Bisson explained.

A spokesperson for the Treasury Department told 7NEWS “we are looking into it.”

They plan to issue guidance to people within the next few days but say that it is likely the families will get to keep the money.

Bisson said he is encouraging his clients to leave the money in the bank for now — just in case the government decides it needs to be returned in their 2020 tax returns.

“Leave the money in the same account it was deposited into,” he said.

The IRS says they’re aware of the issue and are investigating possible next steps.

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