WORCESTER, Mass. (WHDH) — A 4-year-old autistic boy is without his iPad after two women stole it in a Worcester store.

“Without his iPad he can't function like other kids. Other kids can go outside and have conversations, be normal and not be scared of other things. He’s scared of things that are normal to other people,” Sailin Diaz, the boy’s mom, said.

When young Naiden ran off his parents chased after him; leaving the iPad in the bottom of the cart at Burlington Coat Factory.

They say when they reviewed the security camera footage with the store manager they could see the two women who stole the iPad.

"They look around see if we were near then and when they saw we weren’t near them they took cart and they started putting clothes in there to make it look like it was theirs and to hide it,” Sailin said.

The two women then took the iPad out and put it in a bag before leaving the store.

The Diaz family said they saved for an entire year to get the tablet and all of the autistic-friendly apps for their son.

“I hope they're content with stealing an autistic child’s learning tool because it wasn't something used just for entertainment,” Nick Diaz said.

The Diazes have already activated an alert that will alert whoever stole it that it is a learning device.

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