Boston company selling robots that use UV light to disinfect, kill COVID-19

BOSTON (WHDH) - A Boston-based company is now selling rolling robots that use ultraviolet light to disinfect buildings and kill the coronavirus.

Corvus Robotics says it programmed the robots to roam empty buildings at night to help businesses, restaurants, stores, warehouses, offices, and schools maintain a healthy, safe, and sterilized work environment.

While scientist have not definitely proven that UV light kills COVID-19, research since that start of the pandemic increasingly suggests that it can be an affective tool for eradicating the virus.

The robot is a white machine that sits on a box-like base with a column-like UV light fixture. It comes equipped with a three-hour battery life and is said to be easy to operate.

Each robot costs $25,000 to buy and $1,500 per month to lease. Corvus said the price tags are comparable to the cost of a professional cleaning service.

Corvus initially launched in 2017 to manufacture drones that take warehouse inventory.


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