Boy who hopes to become state trooper visits Massachusetts as part of nationwide tour

DANVERS, MASS. (WHDH) - A 13-year-old Michigan boy who hopes to become a state trooper visited with the Massachusetts State Police in Danvers on Tuesday as part of a nationwide tour to meet with state police and highway patrol agencies.

Brett Holbrook, who was named an honorary Massachusetts police major, has visited with law enforcement officials in 21 states. The youngster says the Bay State is his favorite so far.

“I wanted to thank everybody in all states for keeping the world safe,” Holbrook said of his tour.

Holbrook’s visits started a few years back after his father, Scott, was pulled over in Ohio for speeding. He was impressed with the officer and made it a goal to learn more about the job.

“We left there and he came home and said, mom and dad, I want to become a police officer,” Scott Holbrook told 7NEWS.

Holbrook suffers from a disease that has an impact on his speech and development but the visits with police have helped grow his confidence.

“He was shy, bashful, and wouldn’t do anything,” Brett’s father said. “Look at him now, he doesn’t even want mom and dad around anymore.”

Brett has future stops planned in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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