Car crashes into several storefronts in Natick

NATICK, MASS. (WHDH) - It was a destructive scene in Natick after a car plowed into several storefronts in the center of town on Sunday.

7’s Eric Kane spoke with witnesses at the scene. A witness said the driver was involved in another crash at an intersection just moments before the wild wreck.

“Two cars were ahead of me. It turned green, and she didn’t move, so I beeped,” said Anne Cody, a witness.  “…She reversed right into the car in front of me, which was a really big SUV, which in turn banged in front of me, in my Subaru. She took off,” said Anne Cody, a witness.

Cody says her son was inside the car at the time of the crash.

The next time Cody saw the car, it had plowed through one of her favorite stores.

Splintered wood and shards of glass littered the sidewalk and the road when emergency crews arrived to the scene.

Medics took the female driver to the hospital.

Stunned business owners came outside to look at the damage left behind.

“I think in terms of product most of our stuff, cards were on the other wall, table in the middle appears to be intact, so that’s good. I mean there’s a few things there, but I’m more concerned about opening again, than product too. Product is replaceable, just need some place to sell it,” said Robert Burkey, whose wife’s stationary store was among the those boarding up after the wild wreck.

Police have not said what caused the woman to lose control.

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