Children in need create heartbreakingly simple Christmas lists

SCHENECTADY, NY (WHDH) — While many wish for new toys and gadgets for the holidays, a group of children are just asking for basic necessities for Christmas, and their requests are heartbreaking.

The New York non-profit Things of My Very Own shared several posts showing the tags created by children in need, making simple requests for food, blankets and clothing. The organization works with local children and families in need.

“I’m a 10 year old boy I want school snacks so i’m not the only one not eating during snack time at school,” one child requested.

“I am a boy. I am 6 years old. This Cristmis I want food … thank you I love you santa,” another boy asked.

One little girl wrote, “This Christmas I want warm blankets and a coat. I have a single bed. i like the color blue, I wear size 16 and I am a nice person.”

The messages are written on tags, which can be picked up by people willing to fulfill the wish.

According to WNYT, CEO and Founder of Things of My Very Own Rayn Boncie, people have contacted from as far away as Italy and Switzerland to help buy gifts for the children.

For more information on how you can help, click here.

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